I became friends with Dani Reyes-Acosta because we kept running into each other; out of all the people traveling up to Mt. Hood Meadows from Portland, this girl was always sitting at the bar next to me or in the bathroom doing yoga at the same time as I was. I can't remember if it was over a beer or a discussion about hip flexer stretches, but all of a sudden we were deciding that we needed to hang out, and then we were close friends. When I wanted to take Lost Girls to Beartooth, Montana, Dani was the one person who instantly said, "Let's do it!"  Just like that, and a couple months later, we were taking photos of our assortment of gear and drinking wine on the tailgate of our rental car before a 16 hour venture across states we'd never seen to an event we knew no one at, at a ski resort that was run out of a trailer. The ensuing adventure to Beartooth Summer Session 2014 was one of the best times of my life, and I came to understand that nothing will stand in Dani's way, especially when she has a goal she's reaching for. Despite her hatred of Poma Tows, she made it, (I literally saw her crawl, exhausted, up the last 20 feet of steep moguls) and she continues to make it happen on all of her journeys. 

So, when she said she was going to go on an adventure of a lifetime in Chile and Argentina, I knew she would do it. This year, she quit her job at Nike, packed up all her gear, and sent it down to South America to discover, well, something big. The big stretches of wilderness, big rock walls to climb, big waves to surf, big mountains to scale, and even bigger life lessons. This link will take you to her website where you can read about her travels in Argentina and more! 

-Natalie Oaks (Editor)