The 2014 Target Maui Pro women’s surf competition crowned Clarissa Moore champion.


It was scheduled between Nov 22 and Dec 6 at Honolua Bay, and I am lucky enough to be living 10 minutes away, so I had to check it out. 

Besides the natural breathtaking scenery of the bay, and the gnarly point break, the comp was fun to watch because of the women athletes who had traveled around the world to surf their brains out. 

The turnoff to Honolua Bay is a little dirt road reminiscent of back woods music festivals; it went through what had once been a pineapple field. Now, the road was lined with cars(some parked like assholes). There were tents set up for the athletes and workers, and a judge’s tent set up on a precarious ledge half way down a steep, rocky path. It made for an awesome view of the bay.

I sat in the press area to snap photos and waited with the surfers in the water for the next big set to roll in. The comp was finally on after a few days of flat waters, so everyone was itching to see some action. And action there was! I had never seen anyone surf the way these chicks were surfing. Of course, I have extremely limited knowledge, but as a first time spectator I was blown away.

Most of the waves that came the two days I took photos were on the small side, but they tore it up! I was dually impressed and amazed at the athletic feats they were accomplishing. I came away from the experience even more stoked about how much progress women can make in action sports. To see the results and visit the official comp page, click here

Enough talk; check out the gallery! 

-Natalie Oaks