A few months ago I was on the phone with my good friend Katrina Sig, and we talked a lot about where we would like to see women’s skiing go. Our main focus was that we really wished more girls would put out content, and really boost the standard for women’s ski media. I already had plans to go to Jackson Hole for spring break, and that’s when I had the idea to get a bunch of ladies together to ski. 

It wasn’t this grand scheme that took over a year to plan, or even extensive planning at that. I figured we’d have a handful of chicks who slayed, film each other, and put out a bangin’ edit by the end of the week. Word spreads quickly in this industry though, and friends of mine reached out to other ladies, who reached out to other ladies, and next thing I knew we had 30 chicks coming to Jackson to shred together. I was beyond stoked.

From the get-go, I knew we needed support. At the time the main focus was on putting out a ‘sick edit’, and we needed the resources and people to promote that. I reached out to some more friends and companies, and we started to get a solid backing of people who even just simply supported what we were doing and wanted to help get the word out, being late in the season, getting gear and even financial backers was only half on the radar. But we lucked out.

With generous support from Orage, Blackstrap, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and Newschoolers, we were equipped for a sick weekend- and it was just that. To quote my best friend Ellen, “Women’s skiing is just skiing.” Having boobs doesn’t give us this distorted outlook at the sport, and we don’t do it to get cute skier boyfriends. We do it because we love the way skiing makes us feel, just like anyone else does something they love.

Not gonna lie though, skiing with girls is different than skiing with boys. I think I’m still allowed to call out my friends, but more so it was so sick to have everyone line up on top of a cliff or feature and encourage each other to drop it, and one by one each lady just sent it. Progressing with a ton of new friends by your side is the best part of it all. 

There were definitely laughs, high fives, and smiles, but most importantly there was a lot of fun, and in the end, isn’t that what skiing is supposed to be?

-Erica Aarons  (trip organizer and guest writer extraordinaire)

Photo: Cy Whitling