It's a cold, snowy night in Government Camp, OR. There are icicles everywhere...on the inside of our windows. Three girls gather around a little wood stove fire.

After learning to knit in 30 degree temperatures (while drunk no less), Gina, Georgia, and myself decided to try lighting matches with our teeth. Sometime over the course of the evening, which naturally ended with trekking through the snow for Charlie’s french fries, we started calling ourselves the Lost Girls. We heard about the Lost Boys, the shredders who would show up and be dirtbags with no women, who lived, breathed, and slept the shred. We heard about “govy girls,” too, and decided we fit the description of "Lost Boys" much better, as we didn't consider ourselves accessories, but counterparts in the snow community.  

The name stuck, and we started organizing shred days with friends under said title. Since then, there’s been a steady stream of awesome new people, filming, a brand, and countless personal improvements on the slopes. 

Even though we started in Government Camp OR, our borders are nonexistent. We now have Lost Girls in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, California, and Idaho! The main thing is we have to stay true to ourselves, and hold to the roots. Lost Girls started with a few room mates who met on Craigslist and became friends, and that's what it essentially is. If we could all share across the world how awesome that pow day was, or the feeling of dreaming of doing a trick, then throwing it perfectly, we would be accomplishing something beautiful. 

So often a woman has a hard time finding her place in this world; we have no reason to believe that our bodies are anything but capable of doing the tasks we set. There is still a divider between the male and female population today, but we are crossing the barriers of stereotype. Only 50 years ago, women were legally not allowed to earn more than men, weren't allowed to attend ivy league schools, and had to have their husband cosign on a bank account. Needless to say, there's been a ton of progress thanks to some brave women and men since then. 

We are quirky, dirty, weird, funny, wild, adventurous, athletic, and we ain't no basic bitches. We are the warrior class; we take our scrapes, breaks, and bruises as a badge of honor. In a world where some pay thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery, we are proud of the scars. 

This is the time for unconventional ladies to band together and create a community of our own within our larger action sports community. We don’t need to be separate, far from it, we can be a part of the male-dominated arena. We love to with the guys, learn from them, and earn mutual respect. 

This is all about you. Each and every one of you has the potential to create her own style, and to express herself in a unique way. Go out and experiment! Throw something new that sounds fun to you, just for the hell of it. Make your own tricks, put the effort in, and we will not only surpass our wildest expectations; we will have guys watching our footy to get new ideas. 

Follow your heart, and it will guide you to the tops of mountains, to where the waves are breaking, to the edge of a bowl. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever dropped in before, or if you eat shit. Eat shit and get up again! 

The Lost Boys in Peter Pan were the playful family of misfits, the kids that never wanted to grow up. They did things just for the hell of it. I always saw us as this group of friends who would go out and toss axes in the woods and ride around the mountain howling and wearing fake mustaches, and then be there for each other when shit hit the fan. That’s what it has been, and will continue to be. Wherever you are, you are representing the Lost Girls and creating our image to the rest of the world. You matter, and every day that you are out there having a blast together and killing it, more will see what we are doing. More people will want to join in the fun! 

If you’re down for the cause, educate and include! It doesn't matter your ability level. If you are interested in picking up a camera, send us your footy so we can feature it! If you can create artwork, send it to me to be made into stickers or clothing! If you are killing it on the hill and want to be a pro skier or rider, I will help you as much as I can to get sponsored. It’s all about your dreams and making them happen. 

In the beginning of the winter of 2013, the Lost Girls drafted our rules (which are more like guidelines, really). Only a few of you were there for this, but we had a poster we filled with Lost Girls “rules.” 

  1. Shred all day!
  2. Have Fun
  3. Sharpen Your Knives
  4. Detune Your Edges
  5. Belch Proudly
  6. Build Shit
  7. Men in the Kitchen
  8. Wear Onesies
  9. Learn New Shiz

Lastly, I see myself as the organizer of the group and kind of the all around “I’ll do whatever I think needs to be done” person, but you all are the inspiration and I couldn’t do it without you. Each and every person has contributed so much, whether you know it or not. So, thanks for making me your chief and your representative. It’s an honor. 

Anyway, it’s been real. And amazing. And better than anything I could have forseen, and the best part is: this is just the beginning. 

Peace, Love, and Shred.


P.S. We all managed to light matches with our teeth. If you want to learn, it’s really easy. Just ask Georgia’s Mom. She’s an expert.